How to Profit from ICOs Without Buying Coins

Initial Coin Offerings – also dubbed as ICOs – now bear the tag of the smartest and fastest way of raking in millions of dollars from a spectrum of both informed and clueless internet users. But the new wave of random ICOs sprouting almost everywhere on the interwebs is slowly watering down what was once a smart, forward-thinking and somewhat safe investment model to a precarious affair. If anything, presently buying into this ‘gold rush’ is somewhat akin to speculative gambling. There’s just so much to lose yet the gains are barely assured.

So, is there a way of making a decent buck online by tapping into this hullabaloo without necessarily splurging your hard-earned money buying the coins? Yes, there is.

1. Invest in an ICO sales funnel or Informative Site

There is currently a dire scarcity of authority niche sites that provide well-researched, accurate, and useful information on ICOs. Sites that thoroughly dissect what the coin offerings entail, and the cheapest avenues for interested investors to buy the tokens.

Instead of channeling several thousands of dollars into an upcoming ICO launch, think outside the box. Use a fraction of that cash to set up a niche site that analyses the latest trends, movements, swings, and drifts of this new investment. Given the interest that the new ICO will generate, your site will pick up thousands of both novice and seasoned investors looking for quality information about the tokens. After this, monetizing the free inflow of organic traffic should be a walk in the park.

2. Become an ICO Affiliate

Sometimes, the developers and creators of such a new technology will partner up with independent third parties ( such as bloggers, social media marketing gurus, public figures, etc ) to advertise their launch. As an affiliate, you will receive a pre-agreed fraction of the amount of money that your directed traffic spends in the ICO. A smart marketer can actually blow it up into a fully-fledged stream of truly passive income.

In Closing

There are several ways you can benefit from the new tide of cryptocurrencies without necessarily having to buy, hold or trade the tokens. The major downside to these two methods is that you’ll have to put in a gargantuan amount of work into creating excellent content touching on ICOs.

Did you know you can profit from ICOs without investing in the initial coin offering? Because each company has the freedom to define how it rewards participants, it is possible to profit from ICOs in other ways.


  1. Set up a node
    • get compensated for providing computing power (example: FaceCoin)
  2. Buy coin after the offering

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