About Us

Hello, welcome to The Smart ICO Investor. My name is Kyle and my goal is to help the community of ICO investors make smarter decisions. With so many ICOs out there, how will you pick the right one? That’s where the Smart ICO Investor is here to help. I’d like to help you find the most profitable ICOs, or at the very least help you stay away the scammy ones.

If you are only looking for positive articles *cough* marketing copy *cough* written by the ICOs themselves, this site is not for you. If you think you are smarter than traders who research their investments and you want to put your entire portfolio on the line, this blog is not for you (I will gladly accept a donation of your entire retirement funds – I will at least write good content with the money AND I will say thank you). If you are interested in reading thought provoking content that may be critical and save you tens of thousands of dollars in bad trades, this might be the place for you. My goal is to help people from finding themselves ‘balls deep’ in a bad trade, however no matter how much good will I have in my heart, remember markets are highly unpredictable (Cryptos are especially unpredictable) so investment decisions, and their associates risk, are solely your own.

Why do I like Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies remind me of the Wild West – where opportunity is ripe yet anything goes. A time when legendary fortunes were made by the Carnegies & Rockafellers and temporary riches were stolen by characters like Jesse James. It was a world tough as nails, a world when real┬ámen were made.

Today the risks are no longer death, but the stakes are higher. No longer is the economy of single individuals limited to their country’s GDP. Today, the wealth of the entire world is available to anyone. Cryptocurrencies will change our world, will you be a Jesse James, or the next Andrew Carnegie?